Nutpecker Polyresin Airport Bird Feeder

A unique Sarah Jennings hand designed Nutpecker Airport Feeding House will be a brilliant addition to your garden for your little feather friends. Hang from any hook / branch or sit on a flat surface to attract a variety of of birds to your garden.


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Made up of quality ingredients, they will provide much of the valuable nutrients and goodness birds need to survive throughout the year. Store in a cool, dry place, away from pests.

  • 1 Unique Airport Feeder , 1 x 330g (330g of food) Jar Nutpecker Bird Food
  • This product contains nuts and wheat.
  • Best Before date on jar.




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Loads of fantastic stuff for the garden.

Excellent product and excellent quality and value.

Supplier of bird food. First time ordering with this organisation. Representative was helpful and knowledgeable.

Saw this place selling its products on one of the shopping channels. Beautiful products at reasonable prices.

Fantastic quality bird feeders. Bought before the hanging ones they have weathered well no rusting colour still ax when I first received them 2 yrs ago.