Grumpy Gardener 4 Jar Feeder And Jars – Sage

This delightful, highly decorative Sage colour Nutpecker feeder in the style of a small house will be a great addition to your outdoor space for feeding the birds. Fix this house to a suitable place off the ground, then simply pop up to 4 jars of Nutpecker peanut butter feed for your birds to flock to year round.


Bring an array of feathered friends to your garden with this delightful 4 Jar Feeder set from Grumpy Gardener. This innovative feeder holds four jars of UK-made Nutpecker food, providing an excellent source of protein, oils and fats for wild birds. The no-mess, no-drop bird food is perfect for keeping your outdoor space tidy while still attracting a variety of birds.


  • 1 x Bird Feeder in Safe colour
  • 4 x Nutpecker Peanut Butter Bird Food Original Flavour (330g)

How to use:

  • Fix the house to a surface that is suitable, such as a tree or fence, away from the ground and predators. Please ensure that garden birds have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing.
  • Keep feeding and drinking areas clean by washing regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. Keep food in feeding stations fresh and dry, removing any wet or old food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. Always wash your hands after handling this or any bird feed.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from pests. The shelf life is a minimum of 9 months upon delivery, and 1 month once opened

All measurements are approximate


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Loads of fantastic stuff for the garden.

Excellent product and excellent quality and value.

Supplier of bird food. First time ordering with this organisation. Representative was helpful and knowledgeable.

Saw this place selling its products on one of the shopping channels. Beautiful products at reasonable prices.

Fantastic quality bird feeders. Bought before the hanging ones they have weathered well no rusting colour still ax when I first received them 2 yrs ago.